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Series A round

Series A round

A series A round is a funding round for established companies in which start-ups allow for investment in the company by venture capital firms or angel investors.

The Series A round of funding comes after the pre-seed and seed funding rounds. Generally between $2 million to $15 million is raised and that amount can vary. Start-ups in a Series A round are established and have a team working on the company's product. In a Series A round, investors are usually looking for a good idea or product combined with a feasible business plan. Included in the business plan should be ideas for how to optimize the user base and/or product and how to scale the product as well.

Start-ups involved in Series A funding rounds should also have proof of the company growing, such as number of users, revenue, views, downloads, and other key performance indicators. It is usually expected that the start-up also have financial record keeping to prove that the idea or product has monetarily grown since raising the initial pre-seed and seed funds.


During a Series A funding round, there is usually one main investor that anchors the round. Once the main investor is established, other investors are more willing to become involved. The investors involved in the Series A round will most likely be the first group to receive preferred shares.


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