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Build auto-updating Lists of entities, control the columns you see, and add your own custom knowledge.

List view

Spreadsheet with native data: Use the Golden Knowledge Graph to power canonical fields, cells and entities enabling auto-updating.

Custom field compatible: Add custom fields of different field types along side the canonical data fields.

Collaborative: Immediately begin working with colleagues by building List views together in the cloud.
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Natively enriched data: Leverage the Golden Knowledge Graph to build private views on your organizational knowledge.

Automated columns

Canonical columns: Leverage any of the fields in the Golden Knowledge Graph to automatically populate columns of data.

Auto-updating: Topics and entities in your lists will automatically update when new data is added—always fresher than static spreadsheets.
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Reduce your data entry. Columns of fresh data populate with a few clicks.

Filter, slice, and dice

Filter active columns: Create simple or complex filters using fields from the Golden Knowledge Graph or even your own Custom Fields.

Share your view: Filters save in real-time so that your colleagues can see exactly what you do.
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Smart Pipelines

Intelligent CRM: Turn any List into a Pipeline to track entities in stages, and act on your research, sales, investments, or otherwise.

Knowledge Graph connected: Entities and topics inside Pipelines are powered from the Golden Knowledge Graph which allows them to self update.
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Custom fields

Private and secure: Create custom fields that can be reused as columns on any of your Lists.

Multiple field types: Choose from different field types including text, entities, URLs, dates and numbers.
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Quick actions

Import: Import your data directly into a List with field matching.

Aggregates: Perform automatic column calculations such as Sum, Range, Average, and Max.

Share: Easily share your List with a collaborator in your team and work together on the view.

Export to CSV: Export your entire List and custom fields to a formatted CSV file.
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Federated account

Federated account: Set up a private organization for easy access to members on your team.

Private subdomain: House your research in a private knowledge base with your own custom URL.

Security: Your organization’s information remains private to only you and your team.
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