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Kernel is a neuroscience and engineering company founded in 2016, based in Los Angeles. Kernel is developing neuroprosthetics that mimic or assist brain functions for patients with neurological and degenerative brain diseases. In the long term Kernel plans to develop less invasive brain implants that can augment human intelligence.

Kernel develops hardware and software for non-invasive consumer brain-computer interfaces. Kernel has created devices utilizing both OP-MEG (Kernel Flux) and TD-fNIRS (Kernel Flow) systems to collect high-resolution brain activity data. These devices are based on lightweight headgear that allows for natural head motion, a wide variety of stimuli and peripherals, various natural environments, and user interaction. Kernel aims to capture high-quality neural signals for the study of the brain, and provide the densest, largest, richest data sets ever taken.

Kernel was founded by Bryan Johnson (CEO) in 2016 and is a team of neuroscientists and engineers . Johnson previously founded Braintree and sold it to PayPal in 2013. They have also brought on KRS CEO and founder, neuroengineer Christian Wentz . Theodore Berger of University of Southern California is acting chief science officer. Ed Boyden (MIT) is chief scientific advisor and Adam Marblestone (MIT) is chief strategy officer .

Kendall Research Systems

Kernel acquired Kendall Research Systems’ (KRS) clinical development program and their neural interface technologies in 2017.


On October 20, 2016 Kernal completed their series A funding round with $100 million from Bryan Johnson.


July 9, 2020
Kernel brings in its first outside investment, a $53M Series C round of funding led by General Catalyst.
July 2020
Kernel raises a $53,000,000 series C round from Bryan Johnson, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures and Manta Ray Ventures.
October 2016
Kernel raises a $54,000,000 venture round from Bryan Johnson.
Kernel was founded by Bryan Johnson.

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Bryan Johnson


Inside the Race to Hack the Human Brain

John H. Richardson


Rebooting The Brain | Bryan Johnson | Web Summit Keynote 2018

November 16, 2017


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June 17, 2021
Over the next few weeks, a company called Kernel will begin sending dozens of customers across the U.S. a $50,000 helmet that can, crudely speaking, read their mind.
Kernel Season's®
April 12, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Kernel Season's®, America's #1 Popcorn Seasoning and a division of Sauer Brands, has kicked off a sweepstakes in honor of the 93rd Academy...
Darrell Etherington
July 9, 2020
LA-based bio science startup Kernel has raised $53 million from investors including General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, Eldridge, Manta Ray Ventures, Tiny Blue Dot and more. The funding is the first outside money that Kernel has taken in, though it's a Series C round, because founder and CEO Bryan Johnson has provided $54 million in investment [...]
Christine Hall
July 9, 2020
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Kernel's Neuroscience-as-a-Service platform give users access to brain imaging devices and the ability to perform experiments remotely.


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