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Making knowledge
accessible to all.
We have a world-class team working on an era-defining solution. We want to reimagine what it means to discover canonical knowledge.
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A huge vision
We are on a journey to build technology with a potentially historic impact on innovation and advancement.
Curious team
We are seeking humble and honest people who love to build and ship fantastic products.
a16z-backed startup
We are a well-funded, early stage startup with Marc Andreessen on the board.
Remote friendly
We use modern, remote software and processes to build the organization of the future for our international team.
Shipping culture
From day one, we have rapidly shipped, iterated, and course corrected. It’s a trait we look for in all of our hires.
End-to-end mindset
We are looking for holistic problem solvers who can self start, launch to production and iterate their projects.
We build together.
Whether it’s finding the solution to a complex protocol-level challenge, writing beautiful code, or hiring a brilliant team, we build it side-by-side
Our Web 3 team working on iterations of our Dapp design and the user experience.
Build your company.
We offer thoughtful and compelling benefits because we believe that a happy, safeguarded team produces the best work.

Health, vision & dental insurance

Protect yourself and your family.

Healthy paid time off

Meaningful work also requires meaningful life balance to us.

401(k) matching

Golden aims to maximize take home for our team by taking optimal steps.

Latest technology & hardware

We aim to work at the speed of thinking in an ergonomic, sustainable way.

Paid parental leave

Golden is a family friendly company.

Meaningful equity

Take ownership in both your work and your company.

Flexible work hours & location

We currently support time zones between San Francisco and Prague.

Early options excercise

Optional early exercising of your options if you wish.

Snow trip

Ski, board, hike, or sit in the cabin. Golden is an outdoor friendly company.

Extended option exercise window

Based on tenure we extend the option exercise window.

Token issuance

Members of our team will receive tokens as part of their incentive structure.

Ready to find your next role?

If you don't find a role that's a perfect fit,
email us at
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Wall of Love
Innovators trust Golden for knowledge
Brian Armstrong
Congrats to @judegomila and team on the launch of @Golden and great to see cryptocurrency as a major initial area
Super high value tool right here! Applicable to all the deep science domains we work in! Congrats @judegomila @Golden
András Fehér
Waiting for the time, when we will say, according to @Golden...
Gilles Poupardin
What @Golden is building is remarkable. Mapping human knowledge, one topic at a time, and already a goldmine.
Love the @Golden design, the insightful & diverse content, and how it is structured. Congratulations @judegomila & team! 👌
Rahul Vohra
It's certainly one of the most impressive products I've seen this year!
Robert Yaman
I was really impressed by the quality of the content there, especially with an industry that changes as fast as cellular agriculture.
Rob Rhinehart
The editor and overall site experience have been phenomenal. Great job.
Farshad taheri
This was something I have been dying for in the past 7 years to save me hours of my life. Great job @judegomila @Golden Keep rocking and build the future.
Chris Powers
@judegomila @Golden seems like an amazing tool for people like me, who like to live close to the fringes of business, science and technology.
Troy SK
@judegomila @a16z @foundersfund About time! Congrats and I hope more people start their knowledge quest from @golden. Saves so much time. 👏👏👏
$umon Sadhu
The internet used to be open, celebrating niche knowledge and used to be for the benefit of everyone. Now there is another place to contribute that doesn't include writing everything from scratch. In the advent of machine learning Web 2.0 is back. Congrats @Golden on launch.
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